Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Letters

A little back story to this one....
I was with my sister Adrienne when she bought this "spring" letter set about 3 years ago.  Her husband, Justin, came and stayed with us in October and brought the spring letters with him.  He told me that Adrienne had told him to give them to me because she was never going to get them done and I could do what I wanted with them--keep them, sell them at Melon Days or whatever.  I had the thought, "That little stinker!  She's getting them back!"  That's exactly what I did.  I made them up for her birthday (which isn't until May, but I wanted her to be able to use them this year) and took them out to her at our girl's weekend.
She was sitting on the couch nursing her baby, so I got them out of my car and started setting them up on Cassy's mantle while singing "Happy birthday to you..."  She recognized what they were immediately and started telling me that that's not what she meant when she told Justin to bring them to me.  I told her I knew, but that was the fun part! :)  Happy birthday Adrienne!  Hope you enjoy them.

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