Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girl's Weekend

March 23rd and 24th we did girls weekend.  My sister Cassy is moving to Kansas (KANSAS!!) so her husband can go to Medical School.  We wanted to do something together before she moved on us.  Scrapbook USA was this weekend, so we decided since I'd be coming out for that, we'd all get together as well.  My sister Nichole couldn't make it (she lives in Pennsylvania) so we skyped with her for a while that night.  It was fun--doesn't she look good!?  I miss her.
My three other sisters, and my mom--skyping with Nichole.  We had all just got back to Cassy's house from the Scrapbook expo, well, my mom and Cassy and I--Adrienne had been Easter dress shopping, and Jennie worked and had Dr. appointments for her kiddos, so she met up with us.  We were feeding the babies, just chatting and relaxing.  It was fun.  We also made centerpieces for my brother's wedding until 2am and got a little slap happy I'm afraid.  Good times!
At the scrapbook expo they had a booth that had nail polish pens.  (I know, it was a scrapbook expo, but they are getting more and more of the "other" booths there.)  This one was kind of fun.  The girl working the booth painted our nails to show us what the pens would do.  Cassy got a Hawaiin flower, I got the 3 flowers and dragonfly, Morgan got a ladybug, and Talynn got a watermelon. (Sorry about the blurry picture.)

I brought Talynn, Morgan's best friend, with us to girl's weekend.  She is such a cute girl, and it wasn't any trouble at all.  She fits right into our family.  We couldn't go to girl's weekend and not get a picture of the 3 of us.  We took several to get one that looked good.  I was holding my iPod and Talynn had to push the button to take the picture.  We were laughing pretty good by the time we got this one.

Lindey came with us as well.  She looked so cute sleeping with her legs crossed that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a couple shots.  She was exhausted by the time we made it back to Cassy's.  She didn't nap well because of all the noise at the expo.
I did the girl's hair the same way before we went to the expo and while there I got so many compliments on how cute my twins were. LOL  My friend Kelly's daughter, Tiana, bought the girl's feathered earrings.  Aren't they cute?  They also each came home with a new fuzzy friend. :)
The trip home took FOREVER!  Not even kidding.  We left Syracuse at 1:00pm, We saw 5 accidents and passed through several spots of construction.   We stopped for 5 minutes at Distribution, 15 minutes at Sam's Club, and an hour and a half at Wal-Mart.  We still didn't make it home until 8:00pm.  I felt like we had driven from Idaho! lol  We made it home safe and sound, and the girls can't wait to do it again sometime!  Thanks for the trip girls!

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  1. Why yes, I do look pretty good in that picture :) haha So sad I couldn't make it. Should have booked that ticket when I had the chance. Love ya!


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