Friday, February 17, 2012

Zander's Birthday Party

We decided to let Zander have a birthday party with three of his friends from his class at school--Travis, Kelly, and Tyler.  I made these cute little invites for him to give to his friends.  The background is one of the napkins from the set we bought to decorate with.  That way the invites match the party decor.  Plus it went really well with the cute stickers I had in my stash. :)  A few scraps of ribbon and a couple of staples later, and voila! Birthday invites! :)
We played a game as the boys arrived.  They had to use straws to blow a ping pong ball into their goal.  Then, we played on a life-size gameboard.  The kids were their pieces.  They had to do different things when they landed on a square like, sing happy birthday until your next turn, move ahead 2 spaces, jump up and down until your next turn, say the abc's as fast as you can, count to 50 before your next turn, move back 1 space, etc.  The kids enjoyed it, and Zander won!  He was excited.  Then we did presents, cake and ice cream.  Kelly gave Zander a remote control car that has cool flames on it. 

Travis gave Zander some collectable coins.  His mom told us they were to save and then maybe they would be worth something when he got into college he could sell them and help with tuition or something.  I thought that was a cute idea! :)  Tyler gave him some money he could use now.  Very thoughtful friends! :)  Thank you!
After cupcakes and ice cream cones I gave each of the boys a bag of mini marshmallows and a cup shooter and they were set to go!  They all LOVED this activity.  They got pretty creative with those little cups.
After seeing how high and far they would go,
They started playing baseball (If you look closely you can see a marshmallow that has just been shot at Zander who is holding a stick to try and hit it.)...
Ian tried shooting water, and also found that if you squish the marshmallow and condense it, it would fly farther...
The boys also decided to shoot them into their mouths so they could eat them!
Someone got the idea to take the confetti off the table and shoot it.  That looked pretty cool!  Would be a fun idea for new years, but a mess to clean up!
It was a fun party!  Everyone left happy. :)  Glad you had a good time Zander-bug.  Happy Birthday, buddy!

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  1. Looks like it was a complete success. Glad everyone had fun. Happy Birthday little Z! :-)


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