Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Zander!

Yesterday was Zander's 7th Birthday. He wanted a blue guitar cake for his birthday.  This cake was so easy to make and it was perfect for him!  He is our child that has a sweet tooth, so the kit kat's that made up the neck of the guitar were right up his alley!

 Grandma Millett called Zander before we opened presents.  She asked him what he was doing and he told her, literally, "I'm just wandering around and talking to you!" lol Silly boy. (He really was wandering around between the living room, family room, and computer room while he talked!)  Grandma called after we had eaten dinner--Mac and Cheese with Bacon wrapped little smokies--and before we had opened presents.  He told her he'd open theirs first, and he did!
He was so excited to see a battery operated Nerf gun.  It shoots 10 rounds at a time!
Grandma and Grandpa Millett also gave him a sketch book, some pencils, and an iTunes gift card to go with our gift to him.
He was pretty excited to get his own tin of Life Savers--sweet tooth, remember?

He got Lady and the Tramp on Blu Ray.  He guessed it was a movie while it was all wrapped up and kept trying to get me to confirm that guess. :)  I made him sweat it out.
He was pretty excited about our gift to him.  He got an MP3 player for Christmas from Santa and the next day he accidentally dropped it in the toilet. :( He was pretty bummed that the old put it in a bowl of rice trick didn't work that time.  We decided to let him try that one again, and told him that there wouldn't be another one if he didn't take care of it.  Hopefully it will last longer than a day.

He also got a new camoflauge sweatshirt.  He loves how fuzzy it is on the inside.
Great Grandma Millett got him with the confetti.  He wasn't careful enough! lol
John found this little Sole Skate on sale around Christmas time, so we decided to get it for him. Hopefully he'll learn how to ride it without too much trouble. 
Zander with all his loot! (He also got Nerf Dart Tag, and Phinneas and Ferb pajamas that I didn't mention before.)
"Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear Zander, happy birthday to you!"
Hope it was a good one little buddy!  We love you Zander-mander.
Any day with cake is a good day. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Zander... sorry your Aunt Patsy just can't keep up with birthdays anymore. Love you anyway!

  2. So fun to see the smiles on his face! Looks like he had a great day.
    The cake turned out pretty darn cool! I love that last shot of Lindey enjoying her piece.

  3. Love the guitar cake! I must try that one out sometime. Glad he had a great birthday!


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