Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last weekend (Feb. 18th) we didn't want to sit at home all day Saturday, so we took the kids for a little hike.  We drove out toward the beach and pulled off the road and hiked up one of the little side canyons.  We did this a few times while I was pregnant with Eli, and the kids always asked when we could go hiking again.  Not sure why it took us so long to go again, but the kids loved it. We definantly need to do more stuff like this.
Mr. Z was down for the weekend, and Melinda came with us also.  Of course, the kids didn't stick to the wash.  They had to explore and climb and get dirty!
Eli was so funny.  He had to do everything by himself.  (must be two!)  He wanted no help whatsoever.  He scrambled up the rocks with the best of them. :)
John and Eli had fun bouncing on this rock.  It was balanced on a smaller rock, and scared us at first.  You weren't expecting it to move when you stepped on it!
Looking back toward the cars.  So pretty!
Lindey enjoyed the hike, even if we had to squish her into the baby carrier.  We might need to look for something more her size if we are going to do this very often! lol
Ian wanted to show me this rock ledge.  We had stopped to snack on some crackers, string cheese, and apples we brought, and he wanted to keep going a little farther, so he asked me to go with him a little ways up the canyon.  We almost made it to the back of the canyon!

We got up into the canyon a ways and there was a spot that was flat, and not at all like the rest of our hike.  it was pretty cool.
Thanks for the adventure! :)  I really enjoyed being out and about with you.

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