Sunday, February 26, 2012

Missle Base

After our hike up the canyon, we went to explore the White Sands Missile Base Complex here by Green River.  It was up and running 40+ years ago. Go here to see pictures from then. There were a lot of cool signs.  We were amazed that the label tape was still able to be read!  I wonder who has these phone numbers here in town now?

Wish we could have known what some of the buildings were used for, and what the people did in them.  It was pretty cool!  I love this door.  The bars still move! 
This was one of our favorite signs. :) I think John needs one like this in his library at school.
The buildings were pretty much empty.  Lots of broken glass and animal droppings.  Wish we could have seen what it looked like in its hay day!

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  1. My mom sent this comment to me in my e-mail:
    Hey Lish.. This looks like a great place for photo opts with all the cool signage and doors, don't you think?

    That was my first thought, looks like you had alot of fun. Luv MOM


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