Sunday, February 26, 2012

President's Day

We spent our President's day (Feb. 20th) out and about.  We took a picnic lunch and walked to the City park to let the kids run and get out some energy.  It was a bit chilly because the wind was blowing, but we had a lot of fun.   Lindey and I swung on the swings.  I don't think she has ever done this.  She was giggling and enjoyed it very much!
 John played tag with the kids.  That was fun to watch.
 Morgan and Talynn--joined at the hip, even on the slide. lol
 Eli is a brave little boy.  He went down every slide possible with reckless abandon and loved every second of it.

 I showed Micah how to spider swing.  He is a scaredy cat, but once I got him to release his death grip on my neck, I think he enjoyed himself.  He had to realize that I wasn't going to let him fall.  He took several pictures of us, which helped him relax a little. :)
 Eli loved being pushed on the swings.  He kept telling me to go higher.  No fear!
 Lindey and her daddy, trying to get warm.
 Ian and Morgan were twisting up in their swings.  Made me a little sick to watch them.
 Zander climbing. 
 After the park, we walked up to John's parents house.  We spent the afternoon there, and John's Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim stopped by.  We had an enjoyable visit with them.  After they left we went on a drive.  Ian wanted to show us the waterwheel that he and Mr. Z explored a few weeks ago.  We couldn't get into where they went, but drove down a wash and got close enough to snap a few pictures.  It was pretty muddy, so we didn't let the kids do much exploring.

 After we made it back to the road, we drove for a while and then ended up at the boat ramp at the beach. 

The kids were able to get out of the car and skip some rocks into the river.  Ian is getting pretty good at it!  He got a couple to skip 10 to 15 times and then skid across the water a ways before sinking.
Collecting the best, flattest rocks for skipping.

    Eli and Micah had a lot of fun just throwing whatever they picked up into the river.  Eli even went fishing...for marshmallows.  Didn't manage to catch anything though.  Maybe next time buddy! 
On the way back home, we managed to spot a few deer.  It was pretty exciting!
Thanks for a fun day off! 

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