Sunday, January 1, 2012

Forgotten Carols

On December 17th we escaped the children to go on a date. :)  We have been wanting to see the Forgotten Carols for several years, but the dates it was showing and our calendar never quite coordinated.  Melinda asked if we wanted to go this year with her so we jumped at the chance.  We also invited Mr. Z (Jason) to come with us as well. 
Melinda and I waiting in our seats for the show to start.
Mr. Z and Melinda--smile! (Can you tell that both of them prefer to be behind the camera lens?)
John and I at intermission.  The show is AWESOME!
John got a picture of the stage to show that we really were there!  We really enjoyed seeing the Forgotten Carols live.  It was even better than the movie! :)  Thanks for inviting us, Melinda!

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad that we all were able to attend this year. (Might have to make it a tradition... :-) ) It was a great show and so great to see it in person. It was such a fun weekend.
    We need to do it more often.


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