Saturday, December 31, 2011

Piano Recital

It was time once again for our bi-annual Paino/Voice Student Recital.  We held it December 19th at the Elementary school.  I was a little disappointed that all my students who were suppose to play duets with me kind of didn't want to, or didn't practice enough to make it possible, or didn't even show up.  At least my own kids worked hard and we were able to play a couple at the recital.  Ian and I played Silent Night for the final number and it was awesome!  Ian also played Good King Wencelas.
Morgan played Away in a Manger.
And Zander was one of three that played Jolly Old St. Nicholas. (I have several new students)  He was the only one that wanted to play the duet with me.  This was his first recital and he is so excited to be playing!
This is all of our students (minus the one who made the decision not to show up).  We had several quit this year, and gained several new beginners.  I am really enjoying teaching them as they are so eager to learn!  

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  1. The recital was great. Glad I could attend. You guys do a great job!


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