Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Nativity

Our ward did a Bethlehem night for the second year in a row as our ward party before Christmas.  The primary puts on a program about the nativity.  This year Morgan played Mary.  She was so excited to get this part!  Kollin, one of my piano students and son of my good friend, played Joseph.
Ian got the part of King Herod.  We had to hurridly throw on his costume (we weren't aware they were doing the program before dinner), so, he wasn't covered on his backside very well--oops!  Zander was a wise man.  He wanted a headress on under his crown.  He's so cute!
Micah was a shepherd this year again.  He was excited he got to carry his staff, but got a little bored sitting during the telling of the story between songs. :)  Glad he didn't take anyone out with it! lol
Thanks Jenni for sending me these pictures!  We were a little too far in the back for John's i-Pod to get much detail. :)

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