Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6th Grade Dance Festival

On January 12th I was able to travel on the bus with Ian's class (and John's) over to the 6th Grade Dance Festival held at Emery High School in Castle Dale.
They danced to Party Anthem (from the Rio Soundtrack), Cotten Eye Joe, and Up by Shania Twain.

Lined up and ready to go!  The kids were so nervous.  It was fun to watch their expressions go from fear to confidence and enjoyment as the other 6th grades started clapping along to their music.  They started getting into it!  That was so fun to watch.
They all had a great time and said they wanted to do it again!
We went first, and then the kids were able to enjoy watching the other 6 schools perform.  Ian was excited to watch his cousin, Samantha, dance.  She's the cute girl in the bright pink shirt in the middle.

Great job 6th grades!  I enjoyed going watching you dance! :)

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