Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love my sister!

My sister, Cassy wanted to come for a visit.  She originally was going to come help me move around my craft room (I got a couple of new filing cabinets that needed a home). But, John and I did that over Christmas break.  So, she called and said that she was coming and bringing all the supplies to do my shelves.  As she put it--"You've wanted to do them forever, so we're giong to get them done!"  We talked about when, and decided that she would come January 5th and 6th. Her kids are in year-round school, and were still off for another couple weeks.  She brought everything we needed--saw, chalk line, drill, screws, paint, and boards. Everything. (All packed around her 4 kids.) :) I don't think it was a half hour after she got here that we were out back painting boards. The next morning we started putting up the brackets.

We got the boards measured and cut--even the tricky angle over the door.

I'm so excited to finish cleaning up my craft room (I was still in the middle of the filing cabinet/closet mess when she came) and put stuff on the shelves.  I will have to post pictures of them all decked out.
Also while Cassy was here, I knew this other project would be right up her alley.  I got a new temple picture from my sister-in-law for Christmas (Thanks Ashley, I love it!), and John gave me a couple of sets of frames.  We recently took the top off our entertainment center and the wall in our living room looked rather bare.  I knew that these frames needed to find a home there.  Cassy helped me trace all the frames onto paper and mark where the hangers were.  Then we got to play with placement as we taped them on the wall.  It took us quite a while to get it looking just right.  We thought we were done at one point and then realized that the left side looked rather boxy compared to the right side that was tapered, so we played a little longer until it looked perfect!
We started nailing our frames up (which was really easy since we marked where they hangers were on the paper).  I loved how it was turning out!  It was fun to see it come to life.  Now all the frames are up, the pictures are ordered, so the frames will be filled soon.  Micah keeps asking who all those people are! 
Cassy, thank you so much for coming and doing projects with me!  It was a lot of fun! Love you!! :)

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