Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Pigtail

This morning, January 18th, I decided to try Lindey's hair in a pigtail on top.  He hair is getting quite long, although it is blond and pretty thin, it doesn't look like it is.  I was easily able to put in the rubber band and little hair bow.  She looked so cute!! :)

It's not perfect, but she is 8 months old and very wiggly.  She was wondering what I was doing up on top of her head. Lol. :)

Love you baby girl!


  1. She is growing SOOOO fast! Cute photos! I especially love the first one. :-)

  2. Sorry Jaime! I accidentally deleted your comment with my big fingers on my ipod. :) Oops!

    Jamie said:
    oh... she's so cute! what a grin.


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