Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Blessings

We went to Ogden on Oct. 8th & 9th so we could support two of my sisters, Jennie and Adrienne, blessing their babies.  Harley and Keyan were born just a couple of weeks apart, and rather than making everyone travel twice, they were nice and did them in Jennie's ward the same day.
My Grandma Millett was there, and I couldn't remember the last time I had a picture of her with all my kids. (Well, never because I haven't seen her with all of them since having Lindey. LOL, but you know what I meant.)  Morgan was so excited that she got to hold Great Grandma's cane so  Grandma could hold Lindey.
Everyone in my immediate family who attended.  I think we were only missing Ashley and Nichole's families.  My two brothers brought their girlfriends, but they were taking the pics for us.
Here are the four of us who have had our babies this year.  Three girls and a boy.  Lindey is the second oldest of this bunch.  Nichole was still pregnant at this time. 
It was sure fun to visit and stay at Jennie's house!  Thanks for letting us come share in your special day!

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