Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Arrow of Light

Ian was able to earn his Arrow of Light for Boy Scouts.  I didn't think he was going to get it.  The old scout leaders that were in when Ian went into Scouts kind of pooped out the last year or so they were in, so Ian missed out on a lot of badges.  I know, I should have been better about doing stuff with him as his Mom, but without the regular reminder of scouts each week, it just didn't happen.  The new scout leaders that were put in are AWESOME!  They helped catch the boys up that had moved on so they could get all their past awards, and were quickly working on current awards with the boys so they could meet all the requirements for their Arrow of Light awards before moving on to 11 year old scouts. I still didn't think Ian would have enough of the required badges to recieve his Arrow of Light with me spending time in the hospital and not feeling well enough to do the extra stuff at home to finish badges.  The Scoutmaster came over just after Ian's birthday to look over his stuff and see what he actually had done.  (I had told her I didn't think he was going to earn his Arrow of Light, and she wasn't having that!  Thanks Jackie!) He only needed one badge to finish up, which we worked on and did before Pack Meeting on September 28th. 

I love the tongue sticking out in concentration so as not to poke me! :)
Congratulations, Ian!  We love you!

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