Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cute Cousins

Since all of us with babies were at the baby blessing, after the luncheon we decided to get a few shots of the four new cousins.  We dressed them in white onesies so they would all match.  We took hundreds of photos, but these are a few of the best and/or my favorites.  My sister, Cassy took some of these with her nice camera and photoshopped them--I think you can tell which ones they are, but I wanted to include my shots as well. 
These two little girls were born 10 days apart.  Our poor mom had just gotten home from helping Cassy with Brooklyn two days before I went into labor (two weeks early) with Lindey.  She quickly packed her bags and came to help me with my kiddos.  (Thanks Mom!  I appreciate you more than you'll ever know!)
Harley and Keyan are just a couple of weeks apart as well. My mom was busy!  She went and stayed with Jennie when she had Harley, and Adrienne lives in Vernal, so Mom was able to help Adrienne as much as she needed, but still sleep in her own bed. :)

My sweet girl.  She was so happy while we were doing this.  The other babies needed to be held, or nursed, or given a binki, but Lindey was smiling, and talking most of the time.
This shot makes me laugh.  It was kind of chaotic to get Harley and Keyan not to cry as they were just a few weeks old, and Brooklyn and Lindey not to pull on those two, or bug each other as they were a little older and more aware of what was going on.  Provided us with little laughter. :)
While the others took a short break to nurse, I kept snapping pictures of Lindey because she was being so good.  I just love these that we got of Lindey by herself.
Thanks for the photoshoot girls!  Can't wait to try it again at Christmas when Nichole is here with Silas (SOOOO excited to see them!), and Brooklyn and Lindey are more mobile! Ought to be oodles of fun! LOL


  1. What a cute bunch!! Can't wait to take some more in a few weeks! Meep! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! SOOOO cute... and may I say (though I might be a little prejudiced) that cute as the the others are... Lindey tops them all. :-)


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