Friday, October 28, 2011

UPPAC/Family Vacation

Shortly after I was released from the hospital, John got a letter telling him he'd been selected  to serve on the UPPAC board.  They are a panel of educators that decide whether teachers who make poor choices get to keep their licenture, or diciplined if need be--you know--the teachers that make the news.  He had pretty much decided that he had not been chosen because he applied forever ago.  So, he was pretty excited to be chosen.  Congratulations, honey!  Anyways, his first meeting/training was on August 12th, before school began.  Because  I had a doctor's appointment the following Monday, we decided to make a mini family vacation out of our weekend.  With everything that happened this summer, family time with our children did not.  While we were waiting for John to finish his meetings at the State Office of Educaton, I decided to pass the time taking a few snapshots of our kids outisde.

I loved how Zander snuck around to the back side of the planter and was peeking at us to get into everyone else's picture.  He was being sneaky and didn't think I knew he was there. lol


Morgan and Eli

Ian is getting so grown up!


I turned around while taking pictures to find this:
Ian and Zander were playing thier Nintendo DS' inside their shirrts so they could see the screens.  It was too bright outside! Silly boys-- Lol.
Eli and Micah

After John's meeting we met up with Mr. Z and had lunch.  Then we ventured to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  We last went when I was pregnant with Micah, so the youngest three had never been, and Zander was too little to really remember.  Unfortunantly, all my pics at the museum were taken on the corrupted camera card, but, we had a good time.  The kids loved it once again, and there were even some new displays this time around. 
The next morning we packed a sack lunch and headed to Bridal Veil Falls.  We have driven by the falls hundreds of times, but never stopped and walked the trail to see them up close.  It was beautiful!  The kids loved getting their feet wet.

After the falls, we drove up the canyon to Sundance.  Mr. Z wanted to show us around since we had never been there.  It was beautiful as well.  We stopped to talk to Mr. Z and our gas light dinged.  It had never done that before, and was showing we were below empty.  We decided to head back down the mountain and gas up at the station at the mouth of the canyon.  A little more expensive--but still cheaper than Green River!   We put 26 gallons of gas in our tank and it cost us $89.00!!  We didn't even think our gas tank held that much. lol  We were running on "faith and fumes" as Mr. Z put it! 
It was a great weekend, and I think a good time was had by all.  We left Mr. Z's company on Sunday afternoon and went to stay with our friends the Mannings.  They made the best homemade pizza for us with all the fixings!  We love visiting with them.  Monday I had two doctor appointments which went well.  Not released from them yet, but heading in that direction. :) 
We said our goodbyes to the Manning family and on the way home, the kids got a hold of my camera and were entertaining themselves. :)

It being Ian's birthday (Happy 11th birthday, son!) we decided to take him out to dinner in Price before heading all the way home.  John and I ran into the dollar store to grab something real quick and this is what we came back outside to.  Torrential downpour.
It soon turned into giant hail, and we had to hide under an overpass to avoid denting the van. LOL  It didn't last long, and we were able to take Ian to dinner.
It was a fun, adventurous, much needed weekend with our children.  I'm just sad we don't have any pictures to help the kids remember.  Guess we'll just have to go again sometime! :)

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