Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Millett Family Reunion

SInce our camera card was corrupted, and I lost about 6 weeks worth of pictures, I don't have all my fun, cute, pictures of the family reunion.  My sister was kind enough to share these ones with me.  Thanks, Adrienne! :)  This year the reunion was held August 4,5, and 6 at Bacon Park.  It is tradition that we always take new family photos.  Here is our little herd.
My sister Cassy and her family.
My sister-in-law Ashley, and her family.
Adrienne and her family.
Jennie and John were not able to come this year--she was on bed rest, and neither were Nichole and Justin--too expensive and living too far away.  You were both missed!! I can't believe how small it felt with out you two there.  There were a lot of us still, but not enough. lol  For some reason, I didn't get the picture of Mom and Dad with Jordan.  Garrett was not back from working yet when pics were taken.  Here is all of us visiting while photos were being taken.
This year for the annual whirley pop competition my two younger brothers competed for the first time.  And let me just say that cream cheese filled chocolate covered strawberries on top of plain popcorn (without even butter or salt) do not count--especially since the strawberries were not made on site! (I think a little bribery directed at the judges was in play here.)
Ashley made turtle popcorn balls.
We made Cinnabun Caramel Corn.--So yummy and addicting! :)
Cassy made the Jell-o popcorn.
One of the favorite activities of Leah and Eli was to play in the rocks.  They spent hours doing this.  My sister Cassy even found her camera bag that was underneath their stroller full of rocks!
Grandma brought lawn games for the kids to play.  They had fun doing that, but I think they had more fun playing in the several forts they created in the wilderness.  I'm very sad that I don't have pictures of the water fight that insued with Grandpa and Uncle Reed, against Uncle Justin and the kids.  It started innocently enough--filling squirt guns and water balloons for the kids, but quickly turned into all out war.  I wish I had pictures of the garbage can lids used as shields as they would try to get close enough to their targets with the water balloons.  That was fun to watch.
We each take a turn doing a meal to help with costs.  That way everyone can make what they can afford.  It works out great.  My sister, Cassy, stole the show this year with her picnic themed dinner.  She had a make your own lemonade with fruit mix-ins and chicken sandwiches with just about every topping you could imagine to put on them.  She is big into doing dinner parties, and decided to bring one to us.  It was a big hit!
The final night prizes were awarded.  The first one was for this giant jar Adrienne had filled with treats. You had to guess how many pieces were inside and the one who came the closest won it.  To everyone's surprise Eli was the winner.  He was so excited! :)
Also, to our surprise, our family won the Whirley pop contest with our Cinnabun Caramel Corn.  Sweet Victory!  We've been waiting 5 years for this little treasure to be displayed on our mantel! (We have a roving trophy thanks to Dustin and his family who started this little competition the year they were in charge of the reunion.)

Adrienne also put together some home movies for us to watch.  That was fun and provided a lot of laughter.  I think our kids also enjoyed seeing us when we were young.  She made each of us a copy--makes me want to go watch it!
Saturday before we went home, we went to the Whiterocks Fish Hatchery.  The kids loved seeing all the fish.  They built a new building over their outside ponds to keep the herring from gorging themselves on all the "free food". LOL I guess they were losing tons of fish (literally) to the birds.

Thanks for putting on a wonderful reunion Adrienne and Justin!  It was great fun!

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