Monday, October 3, 2011

Micah's 4th Birthday

Micah turned 4 on July 11th.  He is at such a fun age, and is so expressive!  He was so excited that it was his special day and I caught quite a few excited moments on film this year. :)  I love that he is so happy in this picture.  He was reading the card by himself (notice it is upside down!)

Part of the gift from my parents.  The other half came later. Lol  He didn't care.  He was just excited to be opening presents!
New crayons and a pencil pouch to put them in.
Grandma and Grandpa Hughes gave him a cars sleeping bag...
And some Transformers...
And a whole package of string cheese all for him! (All he asked for was cheese and a coloring thing for his birthday this year.)
He wanted his cake to be the same as last year.  Mom delivered again.  He was one happy little boy!
Cheesing it for the camera.
Blowing out his candles--make a wish buddy!
These are his four year old pictures I took.  What a cute kid!

Mr. Z was here (if you remember) the weekend of his birthday and caught this picture of our little man. He's quite the photographer!  We rarely get pictures of him with a genuine smile.  Glad he was able to capture this for us!
We were in Provo for a doctor's appointment on his actual birthday, so this was all celebrated on the 9th.  After my doctor's appointment we took Micah out to lunch to Pizza Pie Cafe--lots of types of pizza, pasta , salad bar, and dessert pizza to choose from.  He loved it!  Glad you had such a great birthday little man!  We love you!


  1. Gotta love the Micah man...
    What a cutie!

  2. His expressions are priceless! Love them! What a cute little man! Happy Birthday Micah!

  3. His expressions are priceless! Love them! Happy Birthday Micah!


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