Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mr. Z's Visit

Mr. Zimmerman came for a visit the weekend of July 9th.  We love having him come and hope our kids don't drive him too crazy.  We know he's ingrained in our home because the kids keep singing the silly little songs he's taught them (Eli, Eli, he wears socks...., The cat came back....)   Thanks, Jason. :)
This particular weekend Mr. Z wanted to let some balloons off in remembrance of his step mom that has passed away.  It's something he does every year with his family even though they aren't always together.  He said he sends a balloon to his siblings/dad amd they decided on a date and time and let them off whever they are.  That's a pretty cool tradition. :)  He let us to be a part of it this year.  We decided to go out to the geyser to let the balloons go.  First, we each wrote a message on our balloon to someone that has passed on.  I chose to write a little note to my brother.  My sister-in-law said when she heard I was so sick she said a prayer and told Dustin to come be with me, and she felt him leave.  I know he was with me. 
I'm glad I had an opportunity to express my love to him once more.  I miss him lots.
We sat and watched the balloons for quite a while before they disappeared.
Two of my favorite guys. :)  Love you!
Thanks for letting us participate in something so special Mr. Z! :)

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