Monday, March 28, 2011

The Golden Ratio

We have a new art sculpture in town.  It is called the Golden Ratio.  John has a lot more information about it on his blog with links to other places, so if you want to know more go HERE to check it out.  It's pretty cool.  Me, on the other hand, just wanted to document that last Sunday we took a drive up to see it.  I got some fun pictures of the kids climbing on it.  It was nice to get out of the house for a few minutes, even if it was cold and windy.
John helping Ian up to the next level.
This is the only picture I got with Micah in it...proof he was there.  That boy sure doesn't stay in one place very long--he was too busy exploring.
Morgan is always so eager to pose for me. LOL
I love this picture. :)
Looking up from the base.  I think the sculpture is four stories tall.
The kids were pretty impressed we could see our house from up there, but not the sculpture from our house.  It's hiding behind the houses across the street from us, the trees, and the hill in front of where the sculpture is.  (Our house is the one with the blue shutters, it looks much  closer in the picture than up on the hill--have I mentioned that I love the zoom on my new camera??)
Another fun outing!

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