Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scrapbook USA

On Friday, Morgan and I headed out for sister's day (with my sisters).  Morgan didn't have school--it was a comp day for parent/teacher conferences, so she was able to go with me this time.  It's been a while since we've done one of these, so we were excited.  Two of my sisters were able to meet us, Cassy, and Jennie. I had every intention of taking a bunch of fun photos since this would be Morgan's first time going, but my pregnant brain was working and I forgot.  I did have Cassy take a picture of Morgan and I, and I think it turned out so cute!  Thanks, Cassy! :)
Cassy's husband, Reed, had asked if we had a picture together, which we did not, so he took one for us.  Cassy and I were laughing as he zoomed in on our pregnant bellies and remarked, "Our first cousin's picture together." (We are due 3 weeks apart. LOL)
Thanks for a good time and letting us stay! :)  It was a lot of fun.  Morgan is already asking when we can do it again!


  1. Cute sister pictures! I am sad I didn't get to come to scrapbook, but glad that you had fun. Next year, next year, lol

  2. Seriously, could you be any cuter?! Gosh! ;)


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