Sunday, March 20, 2011

T-shirt Headband

Here is a picture of the t-shirt headband we made (a couple of posts ago I talked about it).  I had a request from Jamie for it. :)  I'm not going to write a tutorial for it, but I'll try and do my best at explaining what we did.
You need two strips of t-shirt.  One is 1 1/2 inches by however big your child's head is (we measured and cut) and then take 2 more inches off of the length. (I've found that t-shirt stretches quite a bit, so you may want to take 2 1/2 or 3 inches off your child's head measurment.)  This is obviously the headband.  Sew the two ends together to make a circle.
For the other strip for the flower we used a piece of t-shirt that was 3 inches by 24 inches.  We held the ends and twisted it so that when you put the ends together it curled around itself.  Then we just started gluing with a hot glue gun around and around until your flower was formed. Then, we glued it to the sewn part of our headband. 
Super easy!  (I hope my directions made sense.) :)  You could make these with any color t-shirt you wanted, or just make the flower and hook it to a clip.  Happy crafting!

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  1. Hey, here is the link for that if anyone wants to see step by step pics.


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