Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uncle Garrett is Back!

My little brother returned from his two year LDS mission in Tiajuana, Mexico on Zander's birthday (Feb. 15th).  We weren't able to make it to the airport, but went that weekend to see him speak in church.  He looks great, and it was fun to visit with him and see all the family.
Our family with Garrett.
My Mom and Dad.
Garrett with the "Greatest" Aunt Patsy. (Family joke--we grew up with Patsy around when she was single--she was like our 2nd mom.  Now that we have kids and she is a great aunt, she jokes that she is the greatest!  We all agree.) :)
Now that Garrett is home, our kids still slip when they are praying for the missionaries and bless him too. :)  We are so glad for the example he set for our children in serving a mission.  It was fun to hear mission stories and hear him speak in spanish (I even caught a few words here and there--2 years of Spanish in high school did something I guess.) :)  We enjoyed being there--even if we had to drive on scary roads to get there and back. (We did a donut in the middle of the road in the canyon, while in 4-wheel drive.  The kids were screaming--it was scary stuff!  My favorite part was when after 5 minutes of driving again, Micah asked, "So are we back on the road yet??")  We love you Elder Millett! :)  Glad you are back safe and sound--come visit us soon!

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  1. I loved reading about how great I am... lol. I love hou guys!!!!


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