Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Friday was crazy hair day at school.  I think this is my children's favorite spirit day.  They've been planning for months what they were going to do with their hair.  Unfortunatly for the boys, we did haircuts on Tuesday, not realizing that crazy hair was Friday, so a lot of Ian's plans went in the trash with his long hair. LOL  Zander took his out before school was over, so I didn't get any pictures of his crazy do, but Ian and Morgan were good sports about it.  Zander's hair looked similar to Ian's, although I think he only had 5 spikes in his.  Ian kept complaining that "It hurt to smile".  John told him that he was going to make him smile and laugh all day. :) 
 Morgan wanted buns all over her head.  She looked pretty cute with all her craziness going on.
Until next year...

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