Sunday, March 6, 2011

Returning to normal

Well, life seems to be returning to our regular normal.  The coughs and runny noses are subsiding.  Everyone seems to be healthy again.  Our crazy busy life is resuming. A few happening around our house this week...

Monday I had a doctors appointment in Price.  Everything is going well.  Gotta love those 5 minute appointments where they check the baby's heartbeat, ask if you have any questions and then tell you when to schedule your next appointment.  I just love that after having to drive an hour to get there in the first place.  It's starting to hit home that the baby is coming soon--like two months soon.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks.  Not a month.  (My doctor is good about realizing that we from Green River have to drive so far, so he doesn't make us do the two weeks, and then every week appointments, as long as things are going well.)  That prompted me to get out my baby clothes and wash them and put them in the dresser.  One thing I didn't realize is that while yes I saved my baby clothes from Morgan, she was born in January, and therefore, all my clothes are going to be off season.  AAAGGGGHHHH!  Some stuff will still work--I have plently of pajamas, but not very many clothes that will work for long.  Everything is long pants, and long sleeved.  I think I have one outfit that is shorts, and three or four dresses that will work through the summer until she gets into the next size--then we get to do it all over again!  A lot of the clothes we had for Morgan yellowed where she spit up, and I couldn't get a lot of them clean.  Bummer!  There were some cute ones!  Another shocking discovery was that I only have 7 girl recieving blankets.  Only 7??  That will last 2 or 3 days.  What did I do with Morgan?  I guess I need to go throught the boys blankets now and see if any of them can/did do double duty.  Good thing I have a couple months left.

The kids had Dr. Suess Day at school on Wednesday (March 2nd is his birthday--he turned 107 this year).  The entire school was served Green Eggs and Ham.  John said the cooks used about 2 gallons of food coloring so the eggs were the color of shamrocks. Zander said, "I had the cold cereal!" 

My friend Jenni had a soup/bread/craft day on Wednesday as well.  She made Oatmeal bread, which I've had before, and is so yummy!  She also made a great chicken taco soup and fed us lunch.  Then she showed us how to make headbands out of an old t-shirt. Morgan LOVES hers and wants to wear it all the time.  I think she even slept with it on the first night.  They were super easy to do--I need to make some more in different colors now. :)

I've also been working on a wood order for a lady in Provo.  I've finished one letter set for her, and am now trying to get the other three finished up so I can mail them this week.  I'm ready to get them finished.  I need to get going on my Melon Days stuff--I'd like to have a good portion of the wood done before the baby comes.  I'm cutting way back this year (I think I only have 18 or 20 sets and most of them are a lot smaller than I usually do--compared to the 55 sets I had last year).  They take a long time, and I'm getting tired of never having any time to do my own craft projects.  Plus, with baby on the way, I won't have a lot of time to do much.  I'd like to just get it out of the way.  With the weather warming up I can take the boys outside to play and sand wood!

We've been outside several times this week.  It's been so nice! :)  I've even been able to hang some laundry up to dry--a huge time saver for me!  I got Eli's little swing out of the shed and hung up for him.  He absolutely loves to be pushed in it!  He really enjoys the outdoors.  I've enjoyed watching the boys laugh as we play outside.  It's a whole new world for Eli. 

Ian made a bird feeder at scouts on Wednesday (a lot happened on Wed., didn't it?)  which prompted the other kids to do the same.  Ians has seeds in holes and hangs in a tree.  The other kids went with cast off 2x4s, peanut butter, and raisins.  Morgan was so excited after a couple of days and all her raisins had disappeared. (We're hoping it was the birds and not Eli! LOL)

Bountiful Baskets was yesterday.  It was nice enough that we set up outside!  Yea for warmer weather!! :) Oh, and our time is no longer 5am!! :)  They moved us to 9:45am.  There are pros and cons to that.  It was nice to be done by 8 in the morning, but it sure was nice to sleep in yesterday!  Another con is that we could go do BB with all the children sleeping and they'd just be waking up as we got home, but now all 5 are awake when we leave.  Made it interesting.  I think we only got 4 phone calls from the children yesterday while we were gone. LOL  None of them life threatening or anyone hurt, so that was a victory. :)  We ended up getting 8 families baskets for them.  That was interesting!  A lot ended up being out of town for Boys State Basketball, and a scout camp.  At least we were able to take most of them home to their houses and not ours.

Yesterday we went on a walk as a family.  Partly so we could drop Morgan off at a birthday party at the park, and partly so I could copy Sunday programs at the church (across the street from the park).  John took the boys to play for a few minutes so I could copy, and then we walked to the Chow Hound and bought the boys an ice cream cone.  It was a fun afternoon.

Well, that's about all the excitement that has happened around here this week.  Sooo glad that sickness is ebbing and life is resuming all the craziness.  (We're going to add to it as Jr. Jazz starts this week!)


  1. I haven't visited for a while. My family is always using the computer.... like they really NEED to do their homework. Whatever! ;)
    I love the picture at the top. It's really cool. I would love to see a picture of the tshirt headband! In family fun there's a whole old tshirt crafting idea using a hula hoop loom and making rugs. That's a really big project. I'd like to see the headband. I throw away so many old tshirts that I don't think anyone at DI is even going to want.

  2. Okay all your talk of being outside is making me a little jealous. We just got another 3 inches of snow last night and we had two days of heavy rain before that. Ugh! Glad someone is getting to enjoy spring :) and I am glad that you are returning to "normal". Luv ya!


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