Thursday, November 17, 2016

Field Day

Field Day was on May 19, 2015.  I was able to go volunteer as a member of the PTA.
One of the best moments of the day was when Gage wanted to give up and so many of the students ran with him and cheered him on, helping him to complete the race.  It was awesome!

My little Zander buddy.
Lindey is my little sidekick and was able to come hang out at the high school with me.
Zander doing the softball throw.
Morgan was there too. the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders went to the high school, and the lower grades did their own field day at the city park.
Zander competed in the high jump and made it pretty far.  I think he was one of the last 5 kids in the competition.  Looks hard to me! Lol

Morgan and McKenna Bennett were great cheerleaders all day. (I think the fact the team with the most sportsmanship won a prize basket for their class had a little to do with it.) They were almost at the point of driving everyone crazy.  We had to tell them a few times to come up with a new cheer! Lol
The height some of these kids could get was pretty amazing!  Made for some fun pictures anyways.
The girls even got Lindey involved in the cheerleading schemes.
Zander doing the long jump.  Love this picture!

On your mark, get set, go!

Devin handing off to Zander in the Baton Relay. The kids always love this event!
More girls got involved with the cheering. They definitely kept morale up!
Morgan's turn to run in a race. Great job sis!

When Eli was finished at Kindergarten, he got to come hang out with the big kids too.  He ran a few races.  I love this little boy!  He had all the big kids cheering him on.
Tyler Urqhart and Zander in the Mile race. They were on the run a bit, walk a bit track.
All competitors received a Popsicle.  Eli earned his!
Tyler Urqhart, Josh Brinkerhoff, Zander, and Devin Olsen
Jamie Sitterud, Korrine Behling, MaKenna Bennett, Morgan, Malory Hoffman, and Alisa Robertson
More ribbons!  The kids all did so great! Luke Seely Devin Olsen, Zander, Sydney G. and Allie Sitterud
B: Kaden Westenskow, Dan Seely, Jace Anderson, Eli Morris
 F: Morgan and Korrinne Behling
B: Jamie Sitterud, Makenna Bennett, Morgan, Alison Thomas
F: Mallory Hoffman, and Sydney Stilson
It was a great Track and Field Day!  We ended just as the weather turned to wind and rain.  Perfect timing!

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