Thursday, November 17, 2016

6th Grade Movie/Awards

The long awaited day of the 6th grade movie premiere was finally here.  But, first, Mr. Cox and Mr. Hughes handed out the end of year awards.
Morgan and Brayden Howard received the highest girl and boy in Science.

Morgan was voted most likely to be a Principal. (Couldn't be for the fact that her Dad is the acting principal for the rest of the  year! LOL)
All of the 6th graders with their class votes awards.
They each also received a Promotion certificate saying they survived the year and are now moving on from 6th grade to 7th. Wahoo!
Morgan and MaKenna put together a little something for their teachers from a few of the kids in their class.

Then it was movie time.  The class loved it!  Always so fun to do with them.
Before everyone left, we took a few class pictures.
6th grade class 2014-2015
Goofy picture time!

Morgan with her daddy and the other 1/2 day teacher, Mr. Cox.
Congratulations, sweetheart! So proud of all your hard work this year. Love you!
May 20, 2015

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