Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shooting Rockets

My friend, Melissa Maughan, was in town visiting her parents.  We had gotten our boys (Micah and Peter) together to play since they were good friends in Green River. Maughans moved up North to Orem shortly after we moved to Orangeville.  When they picked up Peter, Melissa asked if we wanted to go shoot rockets with them the next day.  It is a hobby of her Dads, and sounded like a lot of fun.

Readying the rockets.
Micah and Peter

Garth Johnson (Melissa's dad) had several different rockets to shoot.

  Each of the kids were able to have a turn at flipping the switch to launch the rocket. They loved it!
We would count down from 10 and they would let it fly!

Peter's rocket had a lego man in the clear section of the rocket.

The kids loved to chase after the rockets and bring them back to load them up and do it all over again.

All the kids thought this rocket was pretty cool.  I think it was around 6 feet tall!

Garth was so good at showing the older kids how to reload the rockets so they'd be ready to launch again.

These two boys are really good friends.  Glad that Peter's grandparents live in Castle Dale so that they can keep in contact.
Lindey was nervous to shoot a rocket off by herself, so she asked her daddy to help her.

Lindey got to bring back her rocket.  She was a happy girl!
Morgan and Isabelle
Eli was excited to shoot off the Lego man rocket.
Blast off!
I loved watching the kids chase after the rockets and spying them while they were drifting back down.  It was funny waiting to see who actually got to catch it. They didn't always go where the kids thought they were going to.
Zander was fascinated with everything about the rockets and took a great interest in how everything worked.  Garth was very patient with him and taught him as they went.

Zander always showed us his countdown on his fingers.

Robbie caught this rocket and was nice enough to let Lindey pack it back.

Eli's favorite rocket was the one with the Lego man.  He thought it was so funny that they would shoot him into space!
The girls favorite rocket was the silver bullet.
Lindey got tired of chasing rockets, so she entertained herself on Dad's legs.
She was so funny.  John would throw her up and she would be scared, and then just giggle.

Zander got good enough at getting the rockets ready to launch that he was able to do it with very little supervision.  Garth was always right there, but let him do everything himself.  I think Zander was in heaven!
I couldn't let the day go by without taking some pictures of these two buddies.

This picture is one of my favorites.
One of the rockets went over the fence, and the kids couldn't find it.  John and Melissa took a little walk with Lindey and Micah and came back with it.  Wahoo!
We did have a scary moment. When Garth and Zander were getting one of the rockets ready to launch, the switch had not been turned off.  They didn't realize this and when they connected the wires, the rocket launched!  Right into Zander's forehead. It knocked Garth off his feet backwards.  Zander had a pretty good sized goose egg, but other than that, no one was hurt.  What a blessing!

A few more launches and we were done for the day.  We are so glad that Melissa and her family invited us to go with them! We had so much fun!  Glad to have great friends. :)
October 16, 2014

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