Sunday, September 20, 2015

John's 39th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!  We had a little family dinner of Philly Cheese Steaks (John's favorite) and then opened gifts before cake and ice cream.  Wayne and Suzette's family joined us to celebrate.

Since the kids have been eating the Tootsie Rolls in his classroom after school, they got him a replacement bag.

We found him some new shirts since he has to be in a tie everyday as a Principal. (Thanks for helping with this Mom!)

He got a few other things as well (like a Maverick gift card!).
I made him a German Chocolate Cheesecake.   It was HUGE!  It had a layers of brownie, frosting, cheesecake, pecan frosting, cake, frosted all over and pecan frosting on top.  It was definitely a one slice and you are done, but it was so good!
It looked much better a few hours earlier...before I dropped it as I was putting it in the fridge!  I was so mad!  It was a good thing it was salvageable.  I had to start it the night before!
Hope you had a fantastic birthday, and that you will have a great last year in your 30's! Love you!
October 13, 2014

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