Sunday, September 27, 2015

School Winter Program

The School's Winter Program was held on December 18, 2014.  Each class prepared a song and they sang several as an entire school.  As part of the PTA Presidency, we helped decorate the gym with a few things to make it more festive.  It turned out great!
The entire student body, faculty and staff.
Morgan and her friend, McKenna Bennett.
Morgan's 6th Grade Class
Micah's 2nd Grade Class
Eli's Kindergarten class was in front of everyone on the floor.

One of the few pictures of Zander I got.  He was cracking me up with his hat!
Mrs. Stilson lead everyone in the songs the entire school sang.

I think the Kindergarteners were a little tired of sitting and waiting for their turn. :)
These two yahoos sat by me as we watched.

Eli's Kindergarten Class sang Suzy Snowflake.  Mrs. Barton asked me to play the piano for them.

Micah's 2nd grade class sang The 12 days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style.  Mrs. Atwood was raised in Hawaii, so it was very fitting.  Their song was a big hit!
Micah was one of 3 Ukelele players.

...And a Mina Bird in a Papaya Tree!

John announced each class' song as the acting principal.  3rd grade sang I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas!
Zander's 4th grade class sang The Grinch.  Mrs. Alton's father-in-law played an awesome Grinch!  

I played the piano for the 5th Grade.  They sang variations of Deck the Halls.  
It got pretty crazy by the end!  John helped them out as well by "disciplining a student."  
The 6th grade danced to Feliz Navidad.  Mrs. Leigh Stilson taught them to Fox Trot.  They did great!

After all the classes performed, Everyone came back to the gym and sang another Carol together--led by Carol!  lol  The audience joined in on the last verse of We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

It was a fantastic program.  I loved watching all my kiddos and helping out with my piano skills.  I always love to help out.  Especially at the school!

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