Monday, April 13, 2015

Orangeville Days

Orangeville Days is held over the 24th of July each summer. We were excited to be a part of the festivities this year--even though Suzette refused to join us. We woke up Saturday morning and went to the parade.

Since the boys were all in the parade on our ward's primary float, that left Lindey and Ian to gather candy. (Morgan was visiting Aunt Paula in Altamont)

This picture is so funny!  Lindey was down the street a ways with Ian picking up candy, and she looked up and saw McGruff on the Sherriff's office float and turned around and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her to us.  John and I were dying we were laughing so hard!  Ian looked up and she was gone! lol  Not sure why McGruff freaks her out so much, but that was sure funny!

She stayed in the car with us until he was well down the road.

Our ward build the bridge that is on the Orangeville signs.  Not sure what it is all about--guess we'll have to have a history lesson one of these days. Our kids had fun being with their new friends.

Carol Stilson is the secretary for the school where John will be teaching.  She is also on the City Council. We like her a lot!

These are the cheerleaders at Ian's new school--San Rafael Jr. High.  They are the bulldogs.

The missionaries even had a float in the parade.

Lindey's loot!

After the parade, we went to the park and let the kids play.  They had Roller Racer Races.  The kids loved this one!

They also loved the bumpers.  We had to do this one a few times.

Janet Tuttle helped Lindey bump Eli.  She is the 5th grade teacher at the school.

They had bounce houses which are always a favorite.


We had to stick around until 2:00pm when they gave away free ice cream! Score!

And, to end the night, the city did Fireworks. What a fun way to end the day's events.  We think we are going to love it here.

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