Monday, April 13, 2015

Eli's 5th Birthday

Eli turned 5 on July 20th, 2014.  Earlier in the day Suzette brought over his birthday present. A Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bubble Sword.  He was so funny with that thing! It transformed him into a real pirate, you know.

We opened presents amid unpacking the house.

He got a helicopter disc.

Avengers fruit snacks! Yea!

New books with a DVD that reads the story.

A Splat the Cat book.

Morgan made him a book.

Morgan also made him a little felt alligator (which are his favorite). Based on the picture, I think he liked it--just a little.
He got a card from Grandma and Grandpa Millett with some money to buy a new bike.

And Inspector Gadget on DVD. 

Zander being a crazy.

We bought a birthday cake this year for him and had them write on the top.  I was not up for baking a cake.  It was good that he loved it!  He couldn't believe we found a cake with his name on it at the store! LOL

You've got to take your time thinking about those wishes--that's important stuff!

Eli's big gift was a new trampoline since we sold theirs in Green River.  John got it put together and Eli and Lindey were happy campers!

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