Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goodbye Green River!

After we came home from our vacation, it was time to be serious about packing up and moving.  July 17th was our official moving day.  We couldn't leave Green River without stopping by and saying goodbye to some of our best friends!  Lindey, Eli and I walked down the alley to see the Parsons.  They were swimming in their pool, but let us take a few pictures with them.
L to R: Eli, Allie, Lindey, Brailie, and Treyson. We sure are going to miss these guys!

My crafty friend, Heather.  I am going to miss our late night, put the kids in bed and get together to be creative times.  I love this lady.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, we decided to take a few parting pictures.
Sad to be going!  Still kind of hard to believe that we are really moving.  Everything was so comfortable in Green River!

Final family picture on the front steps. The kids insisted that our newt be in the picture with us--after all, he is part of the family too!

"Everyone wave goodbye!"

July 17, 2014

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