Sunday, November 16, 2014

Morgan's Dance Recital

Morgan took dance from Danielle Holyoak this year.  She was so good with the girls and Morgan loved her as a teacher!  Their dance recital was held on May 2nd, 2014.
Danielle taught 4 different age groups.  The littlest girls were so cute to watch!  The little red-head is Lindey's friend Cloey (Danielle's daughter).  They were born exactly 2 weeks apart.  

Danielle came up with the cutest costumes for the girls.  She did a great job putting them all together!

I just loved watching my friend Jenni's daughter, Katelyn Simmons dance--she was so expressive! (On the far left)

Danielle taught the oldest girls (Morgan's group) to do a kick line.  They were really good at it!
Morgan and her teacher, Mrs. Holyoak. I loved watching Morgan this year.  She absolutely LOVED it!  She was good at it too. :)  Love you sis!

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