Sunday, October 26, 2014

Safety Fair

Book Cliff Elementary held a Safety Fair on April 3, 2014.  We were able to pick 3 sessions to attend as a family.  John and I picked the 3 that we thought our kids needed to most hear about: Power Lines Safety, Fire Safety, and Stranger Danger. We wish we could have gone to all of them!
The Police officers brought Officer McGruff with them.  Lindey was totally freaked out by him.  She didn't want to go near him, and she definitely wasn't going to have her picture taken with him.  He would wave at her across the room and she would freak out all over again.  It was quite funny. Lol

Zander loved the Power Lines Safety. His favorite part was that they brought a model of some power lines around a neighborhood that actually would show sparks of electricity and start a fire with the live wires.  It was a good visual for the kids of why not to touch a downed power line.  Fabulous!
At the Fire Safety session, one of the firefighters was in full gear. They wanted the kids to know what they looked like all dressed in their they (hopefully) wouldn't be afraid of the firefighters if they had to be rescued. The kids were able to try on the equipment and see how heavy it is. Eli tried on the helmet. The rest of it was too big, and he wouldn't leave them on for very long.
Morgan put on all the gear. She said it was hot and heavy!
Micah also tried on all the gear.  The oxygen tank was almost too much for him.  She had to help him hold it up so he didn't fall over!
After all the sessions they had Blimpie Sandwiches and a giveaway in the lunchroom.  We won a new life jacket for the kids.  Wahoo!  They had awesome prizes donated--car seats, bike helmets, etc.
What a great idea for our community!  I wish we could have attended all the sessions--it was so hard to choose! Thanks Book Cliff, (And Pamila Hunt--Micah's first grade teacher) for putting it together. I know it was a lot of work, and I felt it was very successful.

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