Monday, May 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Morgan and Zander had to make their Valentine's  boxes again this year.  Zander wanted to make a purple minion.  I think we made a sucessful representation. :)  (It's one of my favorite ones I've helped my kids make!)
Zander was pretty happy with how it turned out too. (It was the talk of the 3rd grade! lol)
Morgan did hers all on her own this year.  She knew just what she wanted.  A girl creeper from Minecraft.  I love the bow! :)

Creeper attacking, Creeper attacking!! What a goofy girl. :)
I was asked to help out with Eli's Valentine party at Preschool.  They made bags there. He was pretty creative in putting his heart stickers on.  I was impressed he stacked the middle hearts and didn't just plaster them all over the bag like most of the kids.
He wanted me to take a mad face picture because he felt I was taking too many and he wanted to be done.
I told him to smile and I'd be finished, so he did. :) lol
Lindey was so excited that she got to do the activities with the preschool kids.  She felt so grown up!
Her Valentine sack. She was very proud of it.
Here are the little mailboxes I fill each year for the family.
I made sheet cake sugar cookies and put them in these cute little treat bags I decorated. They were a hit!
We bought the kids a Kindle to share (we got tired of them always asking to use ours all the time).  They didn't notice it at first in the back.  Micah was so excited!
I also made rubber band bracelets (bows) and paper straw arrows.  I taught the kids how to shoot their arrows with their bracelet bows and they could get them to shoot pretty far!  They had a lot of fun with these!
Micah made his envelope for his Valentine's at school.  He was so worried that Mrs. Hunt would forget.  I assured him that he would get to make his box when Mrs. Hunt was ready to.
We had a great Valentine's Day.  I love my family!

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