Monday, May 5, 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was spent like most of our past New Year's.  We played games.  It's fun now that the kids are older we can play more grown up games like Nertz-it's basically group Solitaire.  We taught Zander and Rad how to play this year.

We also do a buffet of fruit, veggies, treats, and appetizer type foods. Lindey helped me set it up this year. :)  She loves to help in the kitchen!
This year we made bacon wrapped smokies for Ian, and bbq smokies as well.

I had to laugh when I came in the living room and saw all the kids on their devices. 

Grandma hung out on the couch.

We visited for a bit with Grandma, Grandpa and Ms. D.

Then Lindey decided she wanted to play the new game we got for Christmas.  I Spy Disney.  She loves this game!

Lindey is good at getting her way.  She had Grandma reading books to her.

Grandpa read by himself. :)

About 10 minutes before midnight Zander laid down on the couch.  I told him to get up or he'd miss the start of the new year.  He said, "Mom! It's tradition to get the sleeping picture of me with the hat on--you can wake me up after that."  And then he went to sleep.  Silly kid. :)

We got the "bubbly" apple juice ready to toast.

Grandpa couldn't keep Eli awake.

We watched the ball drop in Times Square--we've done that every year since I can remember.

Morgan quickly fashioned a hat so we could get our traditional picture of sleeping Zander--I tried, but he did not wake up. lol

Happy New Year, Sweetheart!

Eli woke up--he was excited he made it longer than Zander did!

Melinda and I. :) That's a good picture of us!

Rad brought his own noisemaker and looked oh, so excited to be bringing in the new year. 

Happy 2014!

Lindey and John took some selfies earlier in the evening.  She was trying so hard to be grumpy.  Some of her expressions crack me up!

There's our happy girl. :)

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