Sunday, May 4, 2014

Christmas Re-run

Since we had limited space in our vehicle when we went to Vernal, we left all our presents home.  We traveled home from Vernal on the 26th of December, and let the kids open their gifts from each other.  We do this when we are at home after they open their jammies (we feel they remember the gift better and are more thankful for it when we do it this way--it doesn't turn into "just another gift"). With John not feeling well, we decided to leave it at that, put the kids in bed and do "Christmas Morning" on the 27th.
Micah had Lindey this year and got her a tea set.
Eli had Micah and got him Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots.
Ian had Zander and got him cap guns.
Zander had Morgan and got her a Ken doll.
Lindey had Ian and got him a new basketball.
Micah loved his gift and they had a lot of fun playing.
Micah is the most expressive kid!  I love that about him!
The next morning we got up and opened gifts.

Ian kept trying his hand at guessing what the gift was before he opened it.  We may have another John on our hands!  He was pretty good at it! Lol

I ordered John's last two blog books that we had not printed yet.  I think I surprised him with this one (which is nearly impossible to do)!
Lindey got a new baby doll and a cradle.  She was in heaven!
We had a great re-run of Christmas morning. :)  It was kind of fun to drag it out for a few days.

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