Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bunko Party

I was in charge of Bunko in January.  Since everything is so drab outside after the Christmas decorations come down and the lights go off, I decided we needed to have a party.  I made photo props and we took pictures.  We had Turkey Burger sliders and party buffet for dinner.  And all the prizes were party related (cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, decorations, etc.)  As always, we had a lot of fun!
Melissa and Annie

Kristin and Jenni

Kristin's Crown Mask. Lol


Pam and Julie

Pam and Julie


Lacey, Allisha, Kristin, Jenni, Pam, Julie, Annie, Melissa

The whole Bunko gang (and Lindey)

/Danielle, Lacey, Allisha, Kristin, Jenni, Pam, Julie, Annie, Melissa

Me :)

Danielle and I with our Misplaced Moustaches
Dochia joined us for Bunko.  She had to get in on the photo props!
Dochia, the princess

After everyone left, the girls wanted to have their pictures taken with the photo props.
Morgan, Mom and Lindey

Cute girls!
January 31, 2014

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