Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zippy--Our Elf on the Shelf

Zippy the Elf joined our family last Christmas.  The kids love finding him each morning.  It became a race each morning to see who could find Zippy first.  Morgan took pictures of him each day.  Some of our favorite hiding spots this year were: In the wreath,
In the Christmas tree (Notice the scarf that Morgan made for him and left out.  She was pretty excited to see him wearing it the next morning!)

Lindey loved looking for Zippy.  She thought it was so funny that he was hiding in our stash of toilet paper and paper towels!

The whole school knew that Zippy was found in Santa's pants (as Zander and Micah's teachers informed me that they had announced that to their classes. Lol Apparently there are quite a few elves in Green River and the kids would let each other know where their elves were hiding each day.)

The kids left Zippy a treat and were thrilled that he was holding it on top of the giant stocking.

This spot took the cake this year.  Zippy was on top of the computer screen the morning of December 22nd.  We were all getting ready for church and I hear a blood curdling scream from Eli.  A few seconds later Lindey was crying as well.  I really thought he or she was hurt so I went running out of the bathroom to the living room where Eli was sobbing uncontrollably. It took a few minutes to sory out, but apparently Zippy was getting a love from Lindey when Eli saw her holding him.  She had climbed up on the computer desk, took him down, and was walking around with him.  If you've watched the movie, Elf on the Shelf, you know that if the elf gets touched they lose their magic and can't return to the North Pole to report to Santa.  Eli spent all of Sacrament meeting drawing pictures of Zippy with our family and writing notes telling Zippy how much we loved him and how sorry Lindey was for touching him.  She didn't mean to--she just loved him so much that she wanted to give him a hug and a kiss. Zippy was healed, his magic restored, and all was right in the world once more.  What a memory! :)  We love you Zippy!

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