Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sister Missionaries

We were lucky enough to have sister missionaries living in Green River for a while.  Our family had them over for Family Home Evening, and dinner quite often.  With John as the Ward Clerk, and Ian as the Deacon's Quorum President, they would often stop by to ask a question about someone in the ward or to get a drink, come out of the heat, etc.  Sister Moyano wants to be a Professional Singer when she finishes school after her mission.  She loves musicals like we do, so we had something in common there.  On many P-Days (Mondays) the sisters would come over to our home so I could play the piano for Sister Moyano to sing.  Wow! She has an amazing voice! I can't wait to go see her on Broadway after her mission (that is her ultimate goal)! :)  We were so sad that she was being transferred to St. George.  On Monday evening before she left, they stopped by our house so we could take some pictures, write a note in her journal, and say goodbye.  
The Sister Missionaries with the kids. Sister Moyano is on the left, and Sister Vergara is on the right. (They are spanish speaking missionaries.) :)
Me with the Sisters. I sure will miss playing for them to sing.  That was fun! (Even if I felt like I was butchering the songs! She assured me I was doing fine-ha!)
Morgan and Sister Moyano.
Lindey had to have her turn posing with the missionaries.
Sister Moyano giving her thumbs up for Ian's facebook shirt. Lol  She "liked" his help as the Deacon's quorum president. :)
We will sure miss Sister Moyano, but are glad that we will get to know Sister Vergara better. :) We are so thankful for the example these ladies are setting for our kids!  September 16, 2013

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