Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Melon Days 2013

Melon  Days has come again! This is the last year that I am going to be doing a bunch of wood sets.  I've decided that it just isn't what I want to spend all my time on anymore.  I still love doing them, but want to move on to other things.  I'm not even sure we'll do a booth again (especially after the record low sales we had this year-yikes!).  We'll have to wait and see. Anyways, I did several new wood sets for my booth, as well as new frames, card kits, and some fun Hide and Seek games for the kids. (My kids love to play the set I made for Micah's birthday last year.)  
This is what my booth looked like all set up.  We decided to move the pegboard to the side this year in hopes that the wind wouldn't blow the bottom of it out and knock over all the wood sets. It worked well!

Saturday morning we were all lined up on Main Street waiting for the parade to begin.  Coralie was here this year as well as Suzette.  The kids love being around their cousins!
Both my parents were invited to come, but my dad ended up having a Scout Training.  They decided not to come, but then my mom figured she'd be sitting at home by herself, so she ended up coming without Dad.  We had so much fun!  I'm so glad she came to spend time with me.

We have a new life flight helicopter at the Price hospital.  They service our clinic here in town.  They flew over the parade route at the beginning of the parade.  The kids loved it!

Grandma was heckling the parade announcer (one of our friends, Scott Robertson, who is a Utah fan) and he brought her a balloon hammer.  There was a BYU/Utah game that day.  If you can't tell, Grandma is one of BYU's biggest fans!
Yea! The parade is starting!
Ian was asked to carry one of the flags in the parade.  He got to carry the Utah flag.

World's biggest Watermelon lives right here in Green River! :)
One of John's voice students won the Melon Days Queen Pageant, Kelsey McFarlane.  She is a cute girl (and her Mom made her dress (the blue one)! She is amazing!).
John's nephew carried the sign for the Emery High Band. Go Jason!

The kids always enjoy collecting candy from the parade the most!  They always make a haul!
Happy Melon Days! September 20-21, 2013

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