Monday, December 23, 2013

Morgan's New Room

Morgan went to stay with Aunt Paula (John's sister) for a week.  While she was gone, I decided that we were going to make over her room.  We've had the paint for the walls for several months and the bedspread since her birthday last year, so it was long overdue.  We first moved all the furniture to the middle of the room so I could paint.
Morgan wanted purple walls. We went with something light so it wouldn't be so in your face (when looking at paint samples with Morgan, the colors she was choosing would have made her room look like a black hole!).  I chose out 3 or 4 shades that I was okay with and Morgan got to have the final say.  It is very subtle, but I love it!
Ian took my picture so I'd have "proof" that I was the one who painted it. lol As if I wouldn't remember.
We let the room dry for a couple of days, and then we started putting things back in place, and moving around her room a bit.
Melinda came and helped us get the last of it back in order.
We bought her glass calendar at the Scrapbook Expo and were finally able to find a spot on the wall for it to hang.  (It's the cream fame under her shelf.)
Lindey's bed is in the corner next to her dresser.  It fit perfectly.
Her banner that we made at her baby shower is hanging above her bed.  It turned out great!
I removed all her pictures off her closet door so that we could hang up her mirror. We had it hanging horizontally on the wall, but it will work much better this direction as she grows older.
Lindey was in love with her new room.  She kept getting on Morgan's bed and saying, "This is my new bed." When asked where Morgan was going to sleep she just shrugged her shoulders. lol

See...told you she loved it.

Morgan loved her room too!  She ended up staying at Aunt Paula's for a few extra days, which was killing me!  lol I really wanted her to see her new room.  She was so excited when she walked in she just fell on the bed.  It was fun to see her reaction.  Glad we finally got this finished!  Now I can cross it off my list. :) June 5-7, 2013

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