Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bacon Boy's Birthday

Ian turned 13 on August 15th.  If you know Ian, you know that he has a love of bacon.  When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner, his reply was, "Bacon!"  I left well enough alone and went with it.  I don't think Ian had a clue what his dad and I had planned for him.  It was epic. :)  For dinner we made: 
Bacon bowls for salad to go in,
Green Beans with Bacon,
Deviled Eggs Sprinkled with bacon,
and for the main course...Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed sausages!
Ian had invited two friends over, Kollin and Cole, both of which are bacon lovers as well. (Must be the age!) They were all in heaven!

Micah had a Coach Pitch game at 7pm, so after dinner we took a break from the festivities to go watch him play.

Back at home and ready to open presents. :)
Ian got Duct Tape in Checkerboard Print.
Ms. Durrant kept with our bacon theme and bought him Bacon Bandaids and a Shakin' Bacon figure.
Kollin gave Ian a Nerf Gun.  He was pretty excited about it. (I guess Kollin has one like it at his house that they play with when Ian goes there.)
Morgan made Ian bacon slices out of scrapbook paper and hooked mini candy bars to each piece.
Grandma and Grandpa Hughes gave him a Bionicle figure to build.
and a BYU shirt.
Grandma and Grandpa Millett gave him...
A book on how to tie knots. Perfect for Scouts!
And purple and silver duct tape mini rolls.  He was excited!
Ian also got some art sets.
And we gave him this shirt.  When we saw it online, we knew it was perfect! Lol
Zander created this on Mine Craft for Ian.  It says, "Happy B-day Bro."  Pretty creative of him.  They love to play this game together. :)
This is Ian's birthday cake this year. :) I love it.  He did too.  It was perfect.

Lindey loves a party!

Singing Happy Birthday to Ian as the cake is being brought in.
Make a wish, son.  Hope you had a happy bacon-loving birthday!  We sure do love you!

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