Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dance Recital

Morgan has been able to take dance classes this year. My friend, Heidi Taylor, started teaching in August.  They held their end of year dance recital on May, 4th, 2013.  Morgan was so excited about it.  She worked hard and practiced lots on her own.
Miss Heidi gave all the girls a rose at the end of the performance. :)  Morgan wanted to dry hers so she could keep it longer.
Miss Heidi and Morgan. :)  Love them both. 

Morgan wanted her hair braided into a crown and was feeling very grown up as they were allowed to wear make-up. :) She is beautiful!

Morgan did a great job!  They performed a mix of Jazz and Ballet to L-O-V-E and Accidentally in Love.  Miss Heidi worked really hard with them on correct form, and the different ballet poses.  Morgan enjoyed dance so much. We were really sad that Miss Heidi moved during the summer. (Luckily another Mom/Dancer in town, picked up and started teaching dance again so Morgan and all the other little girls can still take it. Yea! :)  Thanks, Danielle Holyoak!)

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