Friday, November 29, 2013

4th Grade Easter Party

I volunteered to help with Morgan's 4th grade class Easter party this year.  A couple of the games I came up with were the egg on the spoon relay using giant eggs and wooden spoons. This was much harder than it looks!  Those plastic eggs were sure slippery on the spoons.
We also played "Draw a Bunny".  You had to roll the dice, and then draw the corresponding part to the bunny.  There were some pretty funny looking rabbits being drawn!  The kids loved this!  We had a lot of rabbits that looked more like mice or cats.  They didn't get the ears quite long enough.  It was pretty funny!
The game that won out as the favorite was the throwing of "cottontails" aka cheeseballs, and getting them to stick onto the heads of four of the kids.  Danielle Holyoak was the other mom that helped me with the party.  She brought all the stuff for this game.  Morgan was one of the kids that volunteered to sit in a chair. (They had no idea what they were volunteering for--ha ha!) 
Morgan, Talynn, and Lilly looking nervous. :)
Getting the shaving cream on their heads.
I think the kids throwing the cottontails had just as much fun.  Morgan even tried to catch some in her mouth!  Silly girl.
Don't they look like something from an alien planet?
A little more than just cottonballs made their way onto their heads!  It was a fun party!  Danielle and I have children in two of the same classes, so we do parties together every year in one class or another.  She always has some fun ideas that the kids haven't done before.  They always have a great time!  March 27th, 2013.

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