Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ian's Braces

It's official!  We have begun our 10+ year quest to support the orthodontist. Lol  On April 23rd, Ian got his braces on.  He was very lucky and didn't have to have spacers or anything beforehand.  He should only have them on for 18 months.  He always has been our lucky child.  The orthodontist also looked at Morgan and Zander while we were there, just so they have a record of them and can track when would be a good time to start them.  Morgan has the total opposite mouth that Ian has.  It's not looking so pretty for her, or Zander for that matter.  I'm guessing about the time Ian's come off it will be time to start Morgan.  Oh joy!
I must say though, Ian looks pretty good in metal!

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