Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exercise is a dangerous pasttime!

We were at the church for my exercise group like any other weekday morning.  Our children always run around and play together while we are exercising.  The kids were playing on the stairs to the stage and all of a sudden Eli came out of the doorway crying.  I had just seen him go down the stairs from the stage and didn't hear him fall or anything.  As he got closer to me, I noticed he had a little red spot on his forehead. I set him up on the stage and this red spot really started bleeding!  I picked him up and ran to the bathroom to get some paper towels.  I took the towels off the cut and realized that it was fairly deep.  I asked him what had happened and he said he ran into the wall.  The only thing I can think of is that he hit the corner coming out of the entryway just right on that carpeted wall.  So crazy!  So, we left exercise early to go to the clinic so Eli could get all fixed up. 
 I texted John this picture with a message (that he didn't get--he only saw the picture) which sent him into panic mode as he realized we were at the clinic. Lol I got a phone call and explained to him what had happened. 

Eli was very brave and didn't cry or anything when he was getting stitched up.  Just one little "Ouch!" in the middle of counting to ten as they were giving him the numbing shot.  All the nurses were very impressed. That's my little man!  

Six stitches later and he was all fixed up.  Nothing stops this kid!

Love you Eli! :) April 5. 2013

About a month after Eli had to get stitches, we were doing weights with arm exercises. My friend's daughter, Abigail, ran up behind me as we were doing bicep curls.  She went to run past and ran right into my weight!  It caught her right by the eyebrow.  She hit my weight so hard it popped my arm back up.  She instantly started bleeding and I ran her to the bathroom as her mother was taking her little sister potty.  I felt so bad!  She also had to go to the clinic to get stitches.  Maybe we ought to start putting the kids in bubble wrap so they can't get hurt! lol

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