Thursday, December 27, 2012

John's Birthday

John's birthday is October 13th.  This year he turned 37.  He is so hard to surprise with anything.  He can always pick up a present and tell you what is in it before it is opened.  I've only been able to trick him one time in our married life--I wrapped a screwdriver in diapers before wrapping it! lol

Morgan made John this fabulous card, complete with a fruit roll-up!
I always try to make John something every year.  I also always give him Riesen's candy.  This year I decided to combine them and made John this fun little box full of "37 Riesen's to Smile".  I had a lot of fun making it, and I think John really enjoyed it.

Ian also got in on making a candy box this year.  He made a "Dad's Stache" box and drew a moustache on it.  He filled it with Almond Joys and Resees Peanut Butter cups.  Two of John's favorites!  John got quite a kick out of it. :)

I'm not sure why we didn't take a picture of John's cake this year--he wanted cheesecake.  Maybe because we didn't light any candles--he didn't want the cheesecake to melt! lol
Happy Birthday John!  Hope that all your wishes came true, and that we continue to give you reasons to smile! Love you!

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